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Namib Desert Sossusvlei Skeleton Coast Scenic Flights

At Tsondab Valley, you are at the ideal starting point for a flying adventure! 


Choose from five different routes, ranging between 1 to 2 HRS of flying time.

We depart in the morning or afternoon,

weather permitting.


Highlights include SOSSUSVLEI, Kuiseb Canyon, Diamond Coast with SHIPWRECKS, seals and Diamond Camps; Tsondabvlei and lots of Namib dunes, the so called "SEA OF SAND"....


For those who rather spend their travel budget on a memorable adventure than high-cost accommodation - we have come up with our CAMP & FLY packages! Every flight booking includes the use of our camping facilities - so if you are travelling with a rooftop tent you are invited to spend the night for free! Our package prices include other convenient services at the nearby lodge, such as coffee & cake before-, and a romantic SUNDOWNER with drinks and snacks -after your SCENIC FLIGHT. 


Tsondab Valley's diversified environment with its petrified dunes, quartz ridges, marble mountains, canyons and dune valleys dotted with Camelthorn trees offers unlimited opportunities for expeditions and is an Eldorado for landscape photographers.

Discover the first red dunes in the Camelthorn Valley just downslope the lodge; or explore the 50m deep HIDDEN CANYON with the remains of past eras: fossilized roots, eggshells of the ancient ostrich, prehistoric stone tools and many more! Our route suggestions range from 45 min to half-day tours:

Camelthorn Valley Walk

Hidden Canyon Walk

Panorama (or: House-) Mountain Walk

Hidden Canyon, Tsondab Valley, Namibia
Tsondab Valley Dune Drive

Embark with us in an open nostalgic Landrover on a ride to our favourite locations within the Reserve! 


As an unforgettable day comes to an end - or is just about to start - we clink glasses - or enjoy our first cup of hot coffee in the most beautiful dune setting. Our routes range from 1.5 to 2.5 HRS:


Sundowner Tour

Hidden Canyon & Sundowner Tour

Sunrise/ Morning Tour

Hidden Canyon Shuttle

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