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 Tsondab Valley is offering our guests a personal connection to the origin and

beauty of the Namib Desert,

untouched and unblemished by our eco-friendly approach disturbing as little as possible of the natural splendour of our

17 oooha Nature Park. 


The minimalist nature of the desert teaches its inhabitants to recognize the smallest things as miracles of nature: the short flora life cycle following a bit of rainfall, spoor of small animals in the sand.... 


The serenity of the desert is raising the awareness we as humans are only a minor gear in a complex well-oiled natural system, which is essential for survival and deserving protection.

Thus, our philosophy of QUALITY RATHER THAN QUANTITY is a guiding principle in how we operate and can be seen in the way our lodge is presented. 


With growing concern towards the worthy protection of the landscape, and the respectful use of our scarce resources; here at Tsondab we take our responsibilities very seriously:

- Our collective responsibility to nature and the animals;

- Our individual responsibility towards our employees; and especially

- Our responsibility towards our guests.


It goes without saying that Tsondab Valley provides its own PV electricity and water supply. It is an operational principle at Tsondab to use as little as possible of any resource without imposing on the needs of our guests.

Our daily tasks to preserve and develop the Naturepark’s unique bio-sphere include the removal of old fencing inside the reserve to let the game roam freely, maintaining water-points for the local game and bird species and a sustainable waste management.


Meet the people who hand-built Tsondab Valley for what it is today: a genuine desert oasis, small but select, with an atmosphere of friendly familiarity that you will never forget... Our remote and intimate lodge has been hand-built and maintained by ourselves over the past 18 years; it is a small family enterprise and continuing life project.

HANS SCHREIBER - 3rd generation in the country; grandson of an immigrated colonial veterinarian, bush pilot with over three decades of experience (in aviation AND tourism); skilled handyman and passionately perfectionist; always open for interchange of ideas and opinions on all kinds of current & historical events with everyone!

KRISTIN SCHREIBER - Born-and-bred Berlin girl with a good sense of humor who stranded for love in Namibia while on duty for a German concern 20 years ago; full of creativity with a distinct feeling for aesthetics and quality. She is heart of the lodge; your Chef and direct contact person for enquiries and bookings.

We look forward to welcoming you at Tsondab Valley!

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